We’re six months into 2018, and I haven’t mentioned, not even once, that 2018 is the centennial of the Insurance Brokers Association of BC! I might be losing my title of “Insurance Geek” just a bit, but I’m going to make up for it now. As a proud member of the association, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a small piece of their story, especially when the stories of insurance brokers like me are so important to them.

The Insurance Brokers Association of BC was founded exactly one hundred years ago, and this year, they’re sharing the stories of insurance brokers who make a difference in their communities. Since British Columbia’s first settlements, insurance agents and brokers have built their businesses with hard work, vision, and dedication—contributing to the economy and their communities. And this year, I’m proud to say, Janzen Insurance is being recognized as a broker who makes a difference in the community!

Going independent has changed a lot of things for us, but what has never changed is how we feel about our community. If anything, the freedom of being an independent broker has allowed us to do more for the members of our community, something I’m incredibly proud of. Our brokerage isn’t anything close to traditional, but then again, I’ve always been an independent thinker looking for something different. Our story is about people, and it’s a story we love to share.

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